The interior solutions are coordinated with the location.

In cooperation with the Eek & Mutso architectural office, Kätlin Ölluk and Lilian Esing from Aeris have proposed interior finishing materials that are suitable for Magdaleena’s environment.




The interior decoration was inspired by the following keywords

A secret with greenery. A cozy five-star suburb. A story about the life of a former city dweller. Layers where the old and new merge into an exciting dialogue. The aged house enters the present. Picturesque spacial fragments. Pastels on old walls. When you move in, you can experience this poetry with your own eyes.




Vintage but in modern style

The interior architecture solutions are a combination of new and old, even historical details and materials. The result is a unique home that preserves the old and complements it with the new. We have introduced calmer options as well as bold and colourful ones.

The homes are being completed

The layouts and finishes of the Magdaleena 4 homes have already been chosen by Liven’s interior architect. You are left with the best part – decorating the home. You can order built-in furniture from Liven to receive an already furnished home.