Magdaleena's homes in a secret garden

“The corner of Magdaleena and Asula street looks like it’s becoming a very special living environment, which we would certainly dare to recommend even to our best friends.”

– architects Margit Mutso and Madis Eek

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Small houses in a big garden

In the fenced yard, there are a total of three small apartment buildings with 8, 12 and 10 homes, and one limestone 4-bedroom single-family house that can be reconstructed.

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Magdaleena 4 / 1 building with ten homes

Magdaleena 4/1 building partially retains its foundation and some wooden exterior walls. We will rebuild the entire load-bearing structure (walls, ceilings and roof) according to modern construction requirements.

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Single-family building Magdaleena 4/2

Magdaleena 4/2 is a very special home with brick vaulted ceilings, its own sauna and south-facing terrace, and a glass facade over 6 meters high in the dining room.

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