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Probably the most difficult part for us was choosing whether to create a bar counter or a dining table for the kitchen, because somehow a bar counter might have been better, but the dining table was definitely the right choice for us.


Katla Maja resident

Home design

Change the parquet pattern, wall colors, wallpaper, bathroom tiles, faucet shades with a click of the mouse and see for yourself what your future home could look like. You can also play with the color of the kitchen cabinet doors and the material of the work surface, not to mention the appliances. The Home Designer will immediately calculate how much your wishes would cost. Save your selections and receive them by email.

You can see and touch all interior finishing materials in the Liven office.

Liven’s floor plans are thoroughly thought out

Liven’s interior architects have come up with great floor plans to make optimal use of space. Many layouts have several alternatives –for example, you can choose a utility room instead of a sauna, a shower instead of a bath, etc.

If, however, your family has more particular needs, we can make changes before construction starts. Our interior architects are there to help you with the changes.

You can get a better idea of how your needs and our designs go together by taking a stroll around the home in virtual reality.

Find your home in these developments

Liven has several projects in various stages of development. Click here to see projects where homes are already available.