"Communication during the sales process was very good and smooth. If something was overlooked, it was quickly corrected. It was very gratifying to be able to combine different units without being charged outrageous prices for the modifications, as is the case with other developers. All in all, the results, communication and collaboration were extremely good! Another very ...

Margus Mölder
Resident of Katla Maja

"The company's website was explicit and simple to navigate, which made decision making easy. Communicating with the company’s representative was pleasant, straightforward and clear. All the requests were taken into account and accommodated. The designs of the apartments were well thought out and one could see that the company wanted to offer the best solutions and fulfil ...

Pille P.
Future resident of Suur-Patarei 6


real estate developers:

According to a survey carried out by Kantar Emor in 2019.
  1. Merko
  2. Liven logo


Period 2018 - 2020.

(10 points scale)


Christel will help you find a home in the developments at Alasi 5, Väike Tallinn, New Zealand and Magdaleena 4.

Christel enjoys an active lifestyle, the company of happy and positive people, and preparing and eating good food. Continuous activity, learning and progress with one’s self are the keys to ensuring balance in one’s daily life as well as healthy and happy relationships at home and work.

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Christel Blaubrük
sales / customer relations

Suur-Patarei 11, Alasi 5, Uus-Meremaa, Väike Tallinn

+372 528 6175

Greete believes that everything happens for a reason. This is also true in the case of the past ten years, during which time she has encountered furnishing in a number of different ways through her work.

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Greete Mätas
interior / furniture

+372 5564 8028

Kristel will help you find a home in Luuslangi and Iseära.

Kristel likes to make people happy. As a result, she has been working in sales for many years. She got into real estate sales in 2017 and thoroughly enjoys being in the industry. Where else can happiness and contentment be found than in a beautiful and comfortable home.

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Kristel Pisang
sales / customer relations

Luuslangi, Iseära

+372 507 9001

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