Under construction & for sale

Magdaleena 4/1

Under construction & for sale

Baroni maja

Ready and sold

Asula põik 4 / 1

Ready and sold

Asula põik 4 / 2


Personalised homes in a building of environmental value and a unique single-family dwelling


Small buildings in a large yard.

Within the calm traffic area enclosed by a fence there are a total of three small apartment buildings with 8, 12, and 10 homes, and one reconstructed limestone 4-room single-family dwelling.

For sale are homes with 10 apartments in the Magdaleena 4/1 building and the single-family dwelling Magdaleena 4/2. 

The Magdaleena 4/1 building partially retains the foundation and some wooden exterior walls. We will rebuild the entire supporting structure (walls, ceilings and roof) according to modern construction requirements.

Magdaleena 4/2 is a very special home with brick vaulted ceilings, its own sauna and southern view terrace, and a dining room with a glass façade more than 6 metres in height.

A unique single-family dwelling in a limestone building

The very history of the building makes this home unique. The design of the building was prepared by the architect Moritz Alexander Rudolf Baron Engelhardt and approved by the Tallinn City Government on 7 April 1897. A reminder of this time is provided by the brick vaulted ceiling and the limestone exterior walls. The building has been given a new lease on life by architects Eek & Musto.

On the ground floor of the building there is a large living room with a kitchen, a proper bedroom, a luxurious sauna with two showers and the pride of this home – a dining room with a fireplace, surrounded on three sides by a glass façade. The southern view terrace, which also includes its own small yard area, can be accessed from the dining room.

On the second floor there are two bedrooms and a shower room.

Suitable activities for everyone in the secret garden

You can sit and read a book in the gazebo, exercise in the outdoor gym, watch the lawn grow or your children frolic on the slide with their friends.