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Route to Luuslangi home


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A forest nearby

If you’ve put your feet up for too long, go for a walk on the Harku hiking trails or ponder at Lake Harku. The area around Mäeküla escarpment and the mysterious Astangu warehouses can be rediscovered again and again.

The distance from home is 250 meters.

Lake Harku

Water is calming. You can grab a picnic basket and the kids, or both, and head to the lake to hang out.

The distance from home is 1 kilometer.

Pedestrian roads

Near your home, there are kilometers of car-free pedestrian roads, where you can stroll around with roller skates, a bicycle or a baby carriage without worry.

The distance from home is 300 meters.

The ammunition deposits of Peter the Great are a blast

A short walk along the Harku forest you will find ammunition depots created during the time of Peter the Great. These are not suitable places for celebrating birthdays, but there is something to discover for both children and those interested in history or strolling

The distance from home straight through the forest is 700 meters.

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Anita Karma

Interior Architect

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Anita Karma

Interior Architect

Anita will help you find and create a home at Luuslangi.

Anita has studied interior architecture in both Estonia and Portugal. She designed the first homes already during her university studies, i.e. she has more than ten years of experience. In addition, she has improved her education in the field of art education and worked as an art teacher.

It is a great joy and honour for Anita to be a guide in creating a home. The whole process is very individual and unique, as that is the most personal space, which must be designed with the wishes and needs of each family member in mind.

Art and design are what makes Anita tick. In her free time she paints and spends a lot of time in galleries and at cultural events. Also, being in nature and observing it rejuvenates her soul.

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