New homes. With less stress

There is a pleasant area in the neighbourhood of Paldiski highway and Vana-Mustamäe, where the Luuslangi homes are emerging. For some unexplained reason, here it is especially gratifying to put your feet up or wiggle your toes in the grass in the summer. You will find yourself putting off commitments, but if you have managed so far, we believe you will continue to do so.

Luuslangi: ‘to let loose’, procrastinate’.

Away from obligations. Maybe only 20 minutes. But still away.

Luuslangi is away. Away from the city centre and away from Mustamäe, and even for Õismäe, you will hear more from the news than in your own yard. But no matter how much we like to let loose, sometimes we have obligations, in that case swap your sandals for shoes and drive down the Paldiski highway to the city centre in 20 minutes.

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Doing nothing is worthwile

Dawdling, lounging and procrastinating are not an end in itself. We just want people to get a good rest at home and be as rosy and fresh as the morning. So that the next time we see someone in the city wreathed in smiles, we won’t think, “Oh look, tourists,” but rather, “I wonder if they live in Luuslangi.”

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Wander in a wild adventure park

To the south of the Luuslangi homes, a winding footpath leads to a forest park. In the summer, wear a pair of long pants because mosquitoes rule the roost here. In the winter, do the same but not because of mosquitoes anymore. The adventure park is not clearly demarcated and you have the freedom to go where your feet take you. We recommend visiting the cave warehouses of Peter the Great’s naval fortress, the stunningly high terrace and the only rapids in Tallinn.

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