First phase is being built by Mitt & Perlebach

Järveotsa creek and hiking trail

Commercial space

Entrance to the underground parking lot

Nest box


Nature reserve

Ready to move in

Jalami 8/1

Ready to move in

Jalami 8/2

Ready to move in

Jalami 10/1

Ready to move in

Jalami 10/2

Ready to move in

Jalami 11

In planning

Jalami 6/1

In planning

Jalami 6/2

In planning

Jalami 4/1

In planning

Jalami 4/2

In planning

Jalami 7/1

In planning

Jalami 7/2

In planning

Jalami 9/1

In planning

Jalami 9/2

Small houses with energy class A by the forest

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Solar panels on the roof

The ceiling height is 2,8 m

Windows in every room start from the floor level

Balconies with glass railings

Underfloor heating, adjustable in each room

Outer beauty is as important as inner beauty

These are modern, but above all lovely buildings. The facades and balconies feature a lot of wood to make Luuslangi fit in with the rich natural surroundings. It’s the same reason, we have not skimped on the greenery in the area between the buildings.

Luuslangi’s architectural competition was won by the prestigious architectural firm Kadarik, Tüür.

Sisemine ilu on sama tähtis kui välimine

When it comes to the interior architecture of Luuslangi’s homes, artistic choices have been made by renowned interior architects Kadri Tamme and Elin-Harriet Helemäe. Our interior architect Anita Karma has fine-tuned the choice of materials.

Design your home yourself or let’s do it together

If you want advice on home design or finding suitable furnishings, we will be happy to help you. Just ask, because interior design is one of our passions.

The yard area has plenty of greenery

So that both, residents and their four-legged friends can enjoy the surroundings of their home.

Future 162.1 hectare nature reserve

A local 162.1 hectare nature reserve is planned to...

Entrance with nesting boxes

We love our neighbors, so lets share our homeplace...

At Luuslangi, children can work close to the home

The title could be misleading, sorry for that...

A view of the greenery through floor-to-ceiling windows

The windows of Luuslangi’s homes are high,...

Balconies with glass railings let more light through

Estonia has more dark than bright months. But in...

Large homes have a terrace

All four-bedroom homes, located on the first...