Õhtu Iseäras
Iseära terrassiga kodu

Iseära’s apartments and terraced houses

Iseära is a new independent garden town near Lake Harku. Terraced houses with pitched roofs and lovely apartments are being built here, each with its own character – both inside and out. A residential area with a Scandinavian feel, free of fences and featuring playful landscape architecture. The area between the houses is arranged in such a way that the private area near the terrace smoothly leads to semi-private and then public spaces. The landscaping is meandering, and in addition to the planted bushes, the garden town has greenery.

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Iseära kogukond

The biggest ambition in particular is to find a balance between yourself and others. Every family and home here adds something nice to the unified soul of the neighbourhood. The colour schemes of the house facades vary, but have always draw inspiration from the surrounding nature – lake reflections, forest paths and the blue hue of the evening sky. The homes transition smoothly into terraces, which in turn lead into a car-free parking area between the houses. From now on, a pleasant community life will begin.

If we want to be sure that there will be no car races in front of our house or that the neighbour will not start raising chickens in the backyard, it is good to agree on this right from the beginning.

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Iseära ehituses
Iseära Harku järv

The city is close, but nature is closer

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Lennart Lind

Interior Architect

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Lennart Lind

Interior Architect

It can be said that architecture has surrounded Lennart all his life. Thanks to his grandparents who are architects and aunt who is an interior architect, he got acquainted with the nature of the field quite young. Lennart knew at an early age that he would become an interior architect. After graduating from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2017, he worked in the architecture bureau ARS Projekt, where he was involved in the design and engineering of both private and public projects.

Lennart believes that good interior architecture is quite universal and is related to the proportion of rooms, layouts and functional solutions. The interior design of the rooms, on the other hand, is much more subjective.
At Liven, he wants to create value that is a combination of the above, because without a good interior architecture solution, the design has only a decorative role in the room, and good architecture without a suitable style can only leave the home environment a bleak place.
Lennart considers continuous self-development to be crucial. Therefore, in 2018, in order to maintain his academic form, he started studying at the Tallinn School of Economics as a marketing specialist.

Walking is his form of meditation – long walks by the sea or on city streets are an important part of the daily routine. Lennart also enjoys badminton and tennis.