Dreams grow slowly

How old were you when you realized where your dream home was? Did you get used to the idea that the right vision must remain? Has this vision started appearing in your dreams?

Do you feel like the time has come?

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Do you check the time by the sea?

Time is different at the border between the land and sea.
It flows slowly like syrup. Time by the sea lets you think through your thoughts. Ideas are always looking for a better formulation. Tangled thoughts want to unravel. Here they have room to wander.

See how Tallinn
will never be finished

You can stand on the shore of the sea.

But the city is changing, growing and undulating.

The reflection of the city also tells a different story every day.

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Floor to ceiling views of the sea

that frame your life

The most important things are invisible to the eye. There are even a few homes at Regati that have wall-sized pieces of art. Direct view of Pirita Bay.

A good layout is the foundation of a home

At Regati, the layout of each home has been drawn up and thought through several times. Each is good in their own way, but surely some of them will suit your life better. Be sure to look at different homes and don’t be afraid to share your special wishes with us.

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Creating a home is an art

That’s why an interior architect is waiting for you at Liven. He/she will listen to you, give you advice if you wish, or help you order custom-made furniture. He/she helps with the big picture, but also knows that most of the time, happiness is found in the little details. There are usually many of these things.

Regati kodud Pirital

“The Regati 3 area will be an attractive environment to live at that is a private space for home buyers, but remains open to city residents as well. The development of Regati 3 will help bring more life to the area: restaurants, cafes, hustle and bustle, safer thoroughfares for both cyclists and pedestrians between the city center and Pirita,”

 Partner of Salto architecture bureau

Ralf Lõoke

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