Peakorter’s homes – direct your life from here

Between Kalamaja and Kopli, new Peakorter’s homes are being built in the little-known Karjamaa area. Spacious layouts and high ceilings give you the opportunity to unwind after a day and plan the next steps in peace. This is a great place to manage your life and tomorrow’s achievements.

The headquarters of your life

Peakorter is your fortress, headquarters and summer home (in case you don’t have one).

Why Peakorter?

The name Peakorter (headquarters) was inspired by the location of the homes. Firstly, they are located in a former (military) industrial area, but they still deserve the name. 

From here, you can quickly reach the epicentre of the city’s events, but if necessary, you can also take refuge in the wild nature of Paljassaare or quickly escape from the city through Pelgulinn.

Homes in a strategic area

The unofficial motto of Peakorter is “Education, food and dogs!”. Both Northern Tallinn’s and downtown’s schools are within reach. There are both grocery stores and fast-food providers (food couriers from the city centre will get your order to you within half an hour). On the other side of Erika Street, four minutes away is the Karjamaa Dog Park. In fact, just three minutes away, if the dog is particularly excited.

Historical touch

100 years ago, engineers, manufacturers, as well as bigger and smaller thinkers, lived in the area. The homes of
Peakorter are a modern continuation and addition to this history. Large homes are especially suited for those who have to work with their heads. The homes here are so airy that you don’t even have to leave the apartment to clear your head.


Probably the most difficult part for us was choosing whether to create a bar counter or a dining table for the kitchen, because somehow a bar counter might have been better, but the dining table was definitely the right choice for us.


Katla Maja resident


When people have visited us, they have always said that our apartment looks exactly like us.

Rauno and Anett

Alasi 5 residents


We ordered everything possible from Liven in advance. Curtains, wardrobes and all other things.

Edi and Rauno

Suur-Patarei 6 residents

Find your home in these developments

Liven has several projects in various stages of development. Click here to see projects where homes are already available.