Väike Tallinn

Väike Tallinn


We ordered everything possible from Liven in advance. Curtains, wardrobes and all other things.

Edi and Rauno

Suur-Patarei 6 residents


When people have visited us, they have always said that our apartment looks exactly like us.

Rauno and Anett

Alasi 5 residents


My favorite place in this apartment is the living room – again those windows, the light, the spaciousness.


Katla Maja resident

homes in Tallinn

Tallinn is not small. But we wanted all the good things that we like about a small town and that make our hearts sing to be present in Tallinn too. In a big city, you can be a small person, in a small town you have to be big. Move into a small version of a metropolis, Väike Tallinn.

Architecture Sander Treijar, interior design Ace of Space

Children can play in the yard, just like in a small town. Children need to discover the world themselves. In a small place, it’s just safer to do it. In Väike Tallinn’s yard, children can take the first steps, as well as the first steps towards independence. Large enough for a child, but small enough for your peace of mind.