According to the real estate brand survey conducted this fall by Kantar Emor, Liven and Merko are at the top when ranking the reputation of real estate developers.

The ranking of reputation differs slightly from that of recognition, being clearly led by Merko and Liven. While Merko’s reputation is based on its high level of professionalism, Liven’s main strength is the trendiness of its developments.

According to Mari-Ann Ploom, Research Executive at Kantar Emor, only companies that systematically work to create a positive customer experience are able to reach the top of the developer reputation ranking. ‘By mapping the post-purchase experience of those who have purchased a home in new developments, it can be seen that satisfaction is most affected by the quality of construction, smart home solutions, and the lack of noise and sound transmission,’ Ploom commented.

A total of 488 people participated in the survey, including 228 respondents who intend to buy an apartment in Tallinn or its vicinity, as well as 260 recent buyers who have purchased an apartment in the capital or Harju County in recent years. In addition to the recognition and reputation of real estate developers, Kantar Emor determined the preferences of new home seekers in the region by district and location, motives for purchasing, selection criteria, planning preferences, and the experiences of people who had previously bought a home.

Source: Postimees Kodustiil