All apartments sold.

The Ristiku Lane 5 apartment building has been created primarily for families with children. Each apartment has a personal storeroom and parking spot in the underground car park, and in addition the building has common areas for storing prams and bicycles. All of the windows in the living rooms and kitchens of the apartments have a view of the southern courtyard, allowing you to keep your eye on your loved ones when they are out playing in the yard. Each apartment has a glass enclosed balcony, with top floor apartments having rooftop terraces. The building is surrounded by a fence and the gate can be locked, so that children remain inside and strangers are kept out.

Apartment designs are well thought out and open. Additional functionality is added to the apartment by the addition of closet space. Buyers were able to take part in the planning process, choosing between different solutions.

Architect: Eek & Mutso
Number of apartments: 6
Number of storeys: 3
Date of completion: 2015