Liven AS organized a successful share issue in the amount of EUR 5 million, in the course of which 1,337,613 new shares will be issued. Interest among investors was higher than expected, as shares were oversubscribed by 25.9%. The company’s shareholders include several well-known investors.

The company’s existing shareholders exercised their pre-emptive right and subscribed to shares in the amount of EUR 2.7 million. The remaining amount of EUR 2.3 million was offered to 36 investors during placing. Shares offered to them were oversubscribed by 25.9%. The Supervisory Board of Liven AS decided that new investors will receive 79.4% of the subscribed volume. As a result of the issue, the number of Liven’s shareholders will increase to 37.

Helmes Investments, Kristi Saare, Marko Oolo, Kristjan Liivamägi, Sergei Anikin and several other well-known people from the financial world are joining the ranks of Liven’s shareholders as new investors.

Andero Laur, Chairman of the Management Board of Liven AS, assessed the issue as being very successful, as more than half of the investors who received the invitation to participate took part. ‘The share issue is a strategic step and preparation for the company’s listing on the stock exchange. Compared to the previous stage, this issue was aimed at a slightly wider circle of investors, and we included the top of our field in the circle of owners from both the IT sector and the investor community. The accession of new shareholders will support Liven in achieving the goals planned for the coming years’, noted Laur.

‘With the help of smart software solutions and our interior architects, we will be able to increase our distinctiveness on the market, offering customers an even more flexible and personal approach to creating, planning and designing a home based on their wishes. Involving the investor community helps us to better understand the interests of minority shareholders and prepare a plan for our listing on the stock exchange’, added the Chairman of the Management Board of Liven AS.

Marko Oolo, who is well-known in the investor community, stated that he has been aware of Liven’s activities for years, as he has also purchased a home from them. ‘In addition to their exciting homes, Liven is a fast-growing company that is worth keeping track of’, Oolo said. He added that he was pleasantly surprised by the invitation to participate in the share subscription, which meant he didn’t have to think long about contributing. ‘Companies like Liven – innovative and distinctive – are highly welcome in my investment portfolio’, the investor confirmed.

Liven has been operating as a residential real estate developer for 7 years, during which time nearly 400 homes have been built. Today, approx. 1500 apartments are currently in various stages of development. Liven is set apart from its competitors by a well-thought-out spatial programme, stylish design and personalisation of homes based on the wishes of its customers.


Additional information:

Andero Laur
Chairman of the Management Board of Liven AS
+ 372-5373-9943