Why move to the city centre at all if it's so quiet here?

That’s a question and an answer at the same time. Indeed, the Katla Maja is located in the city centre, in a quiet area, on a quiet side street. It might only be the sea that greets you each day.

A quirky home that will suit a chosen few

The Boiler House isn’t for everyone. For some, the Kultuurikatel is too close, for example. For others, the sea makes such a sound that no decent person would dare go to sleep. In addition, the ceilings are so high that kids can’t even reach them to change a light bulb. And the n


Aren't the ceilings too high?

We're in fact really proud that there are only homes with high or very high ceilings in the Katla Maja High ceilings are good – they let your ideas grow.

Is there any true culture anymore?

Those who come into contact with it would argue there is. The Katla Maja is in the vicinity of the Kultuurikatel and is just a few minutes from the Old Town, and Telliskivi Creative City is also a stone's throw away.

Interior designers Tõnis Kalve and Ahti Grünberg

Tõnis and Ahti just finished working in the symbolically significant Kultuurikatel and are continuing to develop the identity of the block by creating an interior solution for the Katla Maja.



The ceiling height of the 5th floor loft is 5.2 m. The windows range from floor to ceiling and the ceilings themselves are, of course, concrete.


Since the construction is already under way, it is now possible to visit the house on the spot. You also get an idea of how the apartment is located in the house and what is the view.

Interior design

Interior designers have said that here is the scale of the metropolis, the industrial revolutionary detail, colonial details, modernity and a bit of a point.

The last three apartments that are on sale are perfectly finished for the house: concrete ceilings and walls, and a fish grocery store. We have also added lanterns. For more details, contact Chistel. His contacts below.



- 42,1 m2
- sea view
- ceilings 5,2 m

We have done cool homes before

Liven creates homes with a soul. We always try to find the best and the most interesting solutions – there’s magic in details! Each of our developed homes is designed to suit a few but to suit them perfectly. We are not trying to be liked by everyone, we just want to create a special home for special people. We create with a great passion.