The winter solstice holds special significance for Estonian people. While it is a slow process, the days will last longer from that point on. The darkness and gloom are the factors that cause sadness and make people look at the calendar with anticipation. This year, as we can rejoice over the abundant white snowy carpet as compared to the previous winters, so does Liven’s creative director Alina Kester recommend that the light outside be allowed indoors.

“If possible, sheer curtains should be used. My advice is to set the window shades aside for a day, because there is more and more light and the cosy feeling of sitting by the Christmas tree’s lights has come to an end,” says Kester. “It might seem like an extremely easy step, but it is often the case that we wake up when it is still dark outside and miss the beginning of the day. In fact, it is more pleasant to deal with things in the morning when it gets brighter outside. Longer days provide extra energy,” says the creative director.

According to Alina, changing the lighting solution at home is expensive, so you should look for cheaper alternatives. “For example, you could consider new light bulbs that give the desired result. In my case, I have discovered Philips Hue light bulbs, which allow you to create the right lighting for your mood and control it with your smartphone. You can change both the intensity and the tone. Depending on your wish, either warmer or colder,” Kester says, sharing a handy tip.



“Red and dark green bed linens should now be exchanged for nude pink or mint green tones,” Alina suggests, adding: “I certainly don’t encourage anyone to engage in consumption and constantly renovate their home. Rather, you could try simple and relatively handy options. Adding a little nuance can change the overall look of a room more than we think.”



Because aromas are an important part of the feeling of a home, soaps, fragrance diffusers and shower gels are an opportunity to refresh the home. As soaps and shower gels need to be renewed every now and then, it is worth replacing them with a fresher or more bitter and masculine scent to provide variety to the sweet Christmas aromas. Those who love scented candles can now find ones with lighter tones that anticipate the spring. Alina shares another tip: “The eucalyptus stem, which has a long shelf life and a special smell, helps to bring freshness to the home.”