A total of 193 homes will be completed in three stages by 2023, with most offering views of the sea. In the course of the development, a total of 5 apartment buildings, light traffic roads and a city square will be built.

Liven conducted an architectural competition together with the City of Tallinn, which was won by PIN Architects. The landscape architect for the project is Edgar Kaare, from TajuRuum, and the interior architect is Katrin Kaevats. The New Zealand project is being built by OMA Ehitaja, with whom a construction contract valued at over EUR 22 million has been concluded.

‘A total of 80 homes will be completed during the first stage of the newly begun construction, with 85% having already found an owner. What is happening in the Tallinn real estate sector continues to be characterized by great demand for high-quality residential real estate. There are no signs of a slowdown,’ said Andero Laur, CEO of Liven AS.

‘Due to the high level of activity by buyers, we will begin work on the second stage sooner than originally planned. Construction which was set to begin in the summer will instead begin in the spring’, Laur added. ‘Interest is expected to be highest in the seaside buildings set to be built in the third stage, as it is guaranteed that nothing will obscure their view of the sea in the future. This is quite unique in the field of real estate.’

The apartment buyer is being promised a complete living environment in the future, together with everything they need.