Liven Kodu 15 OÜ, a subsidiary of Liven AS, and Maru Ehitus AS entered into a construction contract worth 7 million euros, as a result of which 3 buildings with 80 apartments and commercial premises will be built in the centre of Tallinn. A real estate development called Väike Tallinn will be completed at the end of 2021.

The current state of Tallinn’s real estate shows the consumer’s eagerness to acquire real estate, the creation of which focuses on the completeness of solutions, and in which the needs of the buyers are integrated in detail. “Although the spring emergency affected the planned construction schedule and its commencement was postponed for a few months till autumn, the sales pace has grown faster than we could have anticipated since the middle of summer,” said Andero Laur, CEO of Liven AS. “Today, 50% of homes have already been booked and sold, which shows that despite occasional pessimistic forecasts, home buyers are expecting new high-quality developments. People ‘s confidence has been restored and they dare to make forward-looking decisions,” the CEO added.

The choice of the builder was based on the partner’s reliability in achieving high-quality end results. “Maru Ehitus has participated in several of our procurements and we are pleased to finally conclude our first mutual agreement. Under their leadership, several remarkable and exemplary buildings have been completed. 20 years of history speaks for itself. I believe that together we can be the quality leaders in the real estate market, “said Laur.

Taimo Murer, Chairman of the Board of Maru Ehitus AS, confirmed that Liven AS is an experienced customer. “Liven is a well-known and valued player in the market, characterized by high demands for construction quality, as well as exciting and challenging projects. We are very fortunate to be their partner in developing real estate, which will create 80 new homes in Tallinn’s city centre,” Murer noted.

According to Andero Lauri, CEO of Liven AS, the spring emergency has reframed people’s values ​​and there is growing interest in homes that allow one to enjoy privacy in the city centre. “Väike Tallinn springs from the desire to offer this experience. At the same time, the city centre is really close by and there are several schools and kindergartens in the area, which turns the project into a coveted living environment,” said Laur.

The developer’s extensive experience and thorough mapping of customer profiles have made it possible to create solutions, when it comes to Väike Tallinn’s project, so that even when taking a quick glance at the layouts of the apartments, one should feel an instant sense of affinity. Future owners of the homes, which have high ceilings and feature interior solutions that were developed by Ace of Space’s interior architects, can give these properties the final touch with the interior finish of their choice. “We want to offer a wide range of interior finishing options, which includes curtains, furniture and lighting. Our reference point is completeness, so that the homes are ready to move in to, “explained Andero Laur.

The architect of the Väike Tallinn’s buildings is Sander Treijar from Nord Projekt AS. Construction work will begin in early October and end at the end of 2021.