We recommend that you register your interest on Liven’s website. Why?

  • You will be the first to know about new Liven homes
  • You will be the first to know about layouts and prices
  • You can be among the first to reserve
  • When reserving among the first, you often get something good extra
  • By booking early, you can make your home exactly the way you want it


  • If you find a home you like, write to us and we will book it for you for a week for free
  • During this period, you can still think over, visit the location of your future home, ask the bank for a loan offer and discuss your plans with friends.
  • When communicating with the bank, you can also immediately find out if and how much furnishing can the bank load cover

Purchasing interest program

  • Sometimes the commencement of the construction of your future home is not quite certain yet, but you have chosen one. Then you can join a purchasing interest program that gives you the reassurance that you will not lose your chosen home
  • Fees for joining the purchasing interest program are EUR 3,000. However, should you change your mind, we will refund you

Home layout

  • Before concluding a contract, you can consult with our interior architect to discuss which of our layouts best suits your needs.
  • If necessary, you can make additions with the interior architect, such as moving a door or wall or changing the layout of the kitchen. If there are costs involved, we will add them to the purchase price

Contract under the law of obligations

  •  In order to become the owner of a home, a notarial contract for the purchase of immovable property must be concluded. You actually have to go to a notary twice. With a contract under the law of obligations, we agree on what your home will be like and when it will be ready. When the home is ready, we enter into a real right contract, after which you become the legal owner of your home.
  • Costs associated with concluding the contract (notary fee and state fee). You can see the information about the fees here:
  • When concluding a contract under the law of obligations, a deposit must also be paid. If construction has not started, 3000 EUR will suffice. Once construction has begun, the deposit must be increased to 15% of the purchase price (includes 3000 EUR already paid)
  • The conclusion of a contract under the law of obligations takes up to one and a half hours. The contract can be concluded at a notary office or by remote certification

Interior finishing and furniture options

  • Within two months from the start of construction, you can choose the interior finishing and furniture, as well as review the locations of electrical plugs and luminaires
  • Our interior architects will advise you with regard to finishing choices and help you complete the electrical plan
  • For large-scale interior design work, we recommend that you hire your own interior architect

Home inspection

  • When the building is finished, it is time to inspect your future home. We will do it together and introduce you to the systems and show you how everything works
  • We will upload all the guides to our customer portal so that you can find them quickly if necessary

Real right contract

  • Within a few days after the inspection of the apartment, we will meet again at a notary office to sign a real right contract, by which you will become the legal owner of your home. It will take about half an hour to conclude this contract
  • The full purchase price must be paid at the time of concluding the contract. If you use a bank loan to buy a home, a bank representative will also participate in the transaction and the bank will arrange the payment of the purchase price for you.
  • At the notary office, we will hand you the keys and you can move in