Pärle Raud
sales / customer relations

+372 511 5153 parle@liven.ee

Pärle has been involved in real estate sales since 1997. During this time she has successfully sold hundreds of apartments.

What Pärle enjoys most is being on the road – literally and figuratively. She is always up for a walk in nature, a motorbike ride exploring the big, wide world or studying something new. This keeps her senses keen and her mind fresh: as the saying goes, a rolling stone gathers no moss.

Pärle studied at the Tartu Teacher’s Seminar to become a music teacher, as well as theory of culture at the Estonian Humanitarian Institute and editing and reviewing of Estonian language at Tallinn University. She edits, reviews and publishes books as a hobby. Her extensive experience in real estate dates back to 1997, when she spent 11 years at Pindi Kinnisvara as a residential property broker and instructor to other brokers. For the next six years she dealt with sales of Skanska real estate projects. She still puts her heart and soul into this work, since she likes people as much as she does books.

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Kristel Pisang
sales / customer relations

+372 507 9001 kristel@liven.ee

Kristel likes to make people happy. As a result, she has been working in sales for many years. She got into real estate sales in 2017 and thoroughly enjoys being in the industry. Where else can happiness and contentment be found than in a beautiful and comfortable home.

She always listens to people, their wishes and needs. She finds precisely the kind of solutions that make people happy.
Kristel always tries to find the bright side in every situation. She is honest and always tells it like it is. She keeps both feet on the ground, without any falsehood and pretence. Her other great passions are traveling and discovering delicious dishes while journeying.
Kristel is a very open communicator and easily builds rapport with people. In her previous jobs, clients have described her in the aforementioned terms.

She has been described by her friends and colleagues as a determined, rigorous and hard-working person who can easily connect with people, learns quickly, and has an “everything is possible, yes I can” attitude. Her motto in both work and private life is to be the best at everything, no matter what she does, trying to always stay true to herself, being honest and never compromising on quality. She believes these qualities are the reason she has had success so far.

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Kadri Tamme
office manager / marketing

+372 5690 8116 kadri.tamme@liven.ee

Kadri has served as office manager from 2010 onwards. Companies where she has previously acquired experience, are engaged in restate development and construction. Thus, Kadri has, to a lesser or greater extent, been exposed to the completion process of different buildings - from apartment blocks to large manufacturing

Although Kadri studied politics and government at Tallinn University, it is office management that intrigues her. Thus, she can be like Hunt Kriimsilm who had at least nine occupations. Kadri is the eyes and ears of the office and enjoys being the biggest support to the team. She is glad that through work, she has developed an interest in the world of interior design. Hence, the hobby doesn’t have to become work – it can be the other way around. When it comes to people, Kadri considers sincerity and a good sense of humour to be important.

Overall, she appreciates an active lifestyle and sports are like form of meditation to her. After a working day, she unwinds at the gym or in the fresh air on the running track. In that way, the mind is rested and the spirit stays strong. Aside from sports, enjoying good food and traveling are no less important. New flavours, new places - these inspire the most. The cherry on top is to engage in all these activities with loved ones.

As a result of the passion for traveling, Kadri sympathizes with the statement that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

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Greete Mätas
interior / furniture

+372 5564 8028 greete.matas@liven.ee

Greete believes that everything happens for a reason. This is also true in the case of the past ten years, during which time she has encountered furnishing in a number of different ways through her work.

There have been a number of different challenges – as a member of the procurement team during the construction of a five star hotel, while engaged in project sales at a furniture company, as well as furnishing homes down to the last detail. Greete has decorated dozens of model apartments while working for development and construction companies, and also participated in creating the interior for a hotel being built outside of Estonia. Her hobby over the past few years has been the production and sale of custom-made designer carpets. Against the background of these larger and smaller endeavours, Greete has arrived at the understanding that the most important role is played by human relationships; professionally, as well as elsewhere. Greete approaches things with passion and must always have a project at hand. She likes to dream and plan ahead. She spends her free time with her family and friends. Amidst her fast paced life, Greete has rediscovered her love of sports. A while ago, her passion for sports was so strong that her friends suspected that she may be headed to the championships.

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Märt Seeman
construction / design

+372 5335 9106 mart.seeman@liven.ee

Märt’s experience with construction management dates back to 2006. The list of objects that he has managed is quite diverse – apartment buildings, schools, a factory, a hangar, and the addition to a children’s hospital. In his work, Märt is guided by the principle that thorough preparation and planning ensure a successful final outcome.

Märt is originally from Saaremaa. He is tenacious and hard-working, traits which are common for a native of the island. A refreshing soft drink, sauna, and different types of fish are all well suited for a pleasant moment of relaxation. In addition to domestic pleasures, Märt also loves to discover more distant locales – he is especially interested in exotic natural locales and indigenous peoples.

Märt is a graduate of the Tallinn University of Technology. He holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Construction and Civil Engineering. He has also been awarded a Level 7 Diploma in Civil Engineering.

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Gerda Mesila
construction / design

+372 5551 9054 gerda.mesila@liven.ee

Gerda graduated from Tallinn University of Technology with a degree in construction management and economics. She has been working in construction and real estate development since 2014. While working for a development company, Gerda has contributed to the construction of over 400 apartments.

The comfort and quality of the apartments are very important to Gerda. Before construction begins, solutions and the general concept of the building must be thought out so that the apartment owner can move into a home. She is particularly pleased that she can contribute to the quality of the buildings.

Gerda likes to start her day with a morning workout.Her goal is to travel with her family to as many different countries as possible and to experience and discover something new on each trip.

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Andres Aavik
project selection / investor relations

+372 503 5933 andres.aavik@liven.ee

Andres has been active in real estate development since 1997. During this time he has developed over 1500 apartments and validated as many as 10 detailed plans.

For Andres, family is all-important. Travelling helps him relax and appreciate the other things that are important in life. He believes that in order to survive in this rapidly developing world, you must learn and develop constantly. He works with the aim of improving both the people and the environment around him. With such an approach, what he does is not work as such...

Andres graduated from the Faculty of Construction Economics and Management at Tallinn Technical University in 1994. He then worked as the head of the Harmin Architectural Bureau and the real estate development company Maarjamäe Maja. Since 2001 he has held different positions in Skanska EMV – starting out as a project manager and working his way up to chairman of the board.

When planning projects Andres follows the principle that every apartment in a development project should be built so well that you would happily live there yourself.

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Andero Laur

+372 5373 9943 andero.laur@liven.ee

Andero has been involved in construction and project management since 2007. During this time he has developed over 100,000 m2 of buildings and designed more than 1000 apartments.

Andero is the kind of guy it is very difficult to truly butt heads with. Although discussions with him can sometimes get a little heated, he is rational and pragmatic by nature. His aim is to create long-term value that has an impact on people’s lifestyles and environment. He is bold enough to make big decisions and understands the long-term impact of activities.

Before establishing Liven, Andero worked for seven years in Skanska, where he started out as a site foreman before becoming a development manager and ultimately a member of the management board. During this period he was involved in many large construction projects – an apartment building with 12 apartments on Pirita Road; working on the Solaris Centre; designing four new apartment buildings; and much more. Later, when office-based, he was involved in developing the company’s activities, designing energy-efficient buildings and working on quality issues. He graduated from Tallinn Technical University as an industrial and civil construction engineer.

Andero believes that when preparing projects you have to be prepared for the worst but hope for the best.

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Mihkel Simson
construction / design

+372 522 8209 mihkel.simson@liven.ee

Mihkel has been soaking up experience in construction management in Estonia and Finland since 2006. His portfolio includes three apartment buildings, 70 apartments and even an airport.

Mihkel is fascinated by the culture of south-east Asia and the contrasts of its big cities. For him the region is a source of inspiration and good ideas. He appreciates contemporary architecture and values brave solutions in interior design. During his free time he is often found on the golf course or tennis court honing both body and mind.

Mihkel studied at Tallinn Technical University in the Faculty of Construction Economics and Management. After his second year of his studies there he joined Skanska during his summer work placement, which turned into an exciting and challenging work relationship that lasted more than eight years. During this time he participated in several interesting projects, such as the redesign of Tallinn Airport, the building of a wind park in Vanaküla and work on a sports and recreation centre in Helsinki. In recent years he has specialised in residential development and overseen the construction of three apartment buildings.

Mihkel likes the saying “What is measured improves”– Peter F. Drucker

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Alina Kester
marketing / design

+372 5816 4575 alina.kester@liven.ee

Alina has years of marketing experience including digital marketing development for new businesses and heading up a marketing department at one of Estonia's biggest online retailers.

Alina really enjoys to have her friends and family around her apartment whether it just for a couple of drinks or a big dinner party. She takes great pride in her home that she meticulously planned and decorated along in order to create a warm and inviting environment. Her passion for interior design hasn't gone unnoticed by her friends who come to her for decorating tips and advice. Being a serious foodie, Alina loves to travel and discover new places. In addition to sightseeing, she is always on a look-out for interesting dining experiences. Soaking up sun by the pool just isn't her style.

Alina has studied project management at the University of Tartu, Pärnu College, and management and marketing at TalTech. She defended her Master's thesis on service design. As a student, she has always been eager to get in involved in different international projects that have taken het to many different European countries and even to the US where she spent time at Silicon Valley. Alina has years of marketing experience including digital marketing development for new businesses and heading up a marketing department at one of Estonia's biggest online retailers.

Alina likes to travel and go on vacations. Recent favourites have been surfing in Sri Lanka and discovering Berlin.

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Nele Sumberg

+372 5690 6337 nele.sumberg@liven.ee

Nele has studied business management at Tallinn University of Technology and Estonian Business School and has diverse experience in the field of finance. She has worked as a financial audit consultant at AS PricewaterhouseCoopers, as the financial controller of Eesti Energia during the opening of energy markets and as the financial manager of Ülemiste Center OÜ, which owns the Ülemiste Centre, where she was responsible for the financial management of construction projects worth over 70 million euros and raised 115 million euros in loan capital.

At Liven, what she likes the most is the team's ambition to create cool homes and full-fledged living environments that one could be proud of decades from now.

Nele believes that the body and mind must in balance and values continuous development both at work and in private life. Therefore, she has set a goal to be a little smarter, stronger, better and faster every day. She enjoys getting to know new countries and cultures, hiking in nature, learning languages, reading and debating, and setting ever-increasing sporting challenges - for example, in 2018 she swam from Tallinn to Naissaar Island and in 2019 finished the full-distance Ironman Triathlon. However, she considers horseback riding to be her favourite hobby.

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Madis Gilden
real estate development project management

+372 521 6816 madis.gilden@liven.ee

Madis graduated from Tallinn University of Applied Sciences with a degree in construction and holds a level 6 qualification in civil engineering. He has been working in the construction industry since 2007.

During this time, he has been involved in supervising zoning plans and managing designs at one of the largest design companies in Estonia, as well as at one of the largest construction companies. At Liven, Madis wants to apply his knowledge and contribute to the initial stages of the process, where decisions have the greatest impact and the opportunities to create truly valuable environments abound.

Madis keeps in shape by playing tennis. One of his greatest passions is the sea - be it sailing, fishing or just staying by the sea. He also loves traveling to far away countries. One can only benefit from traversing the world, seeking new ideas that can be applied to make life better at home.

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René Männiste
design / planning

+372 5558 7959 rene.manniste@liven.ee

René has been active in the field of construction since 2013. During that time, René has contributed to the construction of several apartment buildings, as well as production buildings and warehouses.

René believes that a person must be orderly and behave ethically.

René doesn’t like to sit idly by and do nothing. After a hard day’s work, you can find him signing in the men's choir, engaged in an interesting hobby or running in the woods. He often goes for a ride on his bicycle, checking out different buildings and areas. Rene selected real estate development in particular, to ensure that he is included in the creation of the environment and growth of the city. Details must be carefully thought out, so that rooms would be convenient to use and the building would be durable over time.

René is a graduate of the Tallinn University of Technology, in the field of Industrial Construction and Civil Engineering. During his studies at the University, he worked for a company that installed flat roofs, and after graduating school he worked as the main contractor on several sites. In particular it is the experiences that he obtained at the work sites that help him when it comes to designing for others and conceptualising buildings.

René is sympathetic to the saying: "Every man is the artisan of his own fortune”.

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Anett Pook
Development / design

+372 5336 3116 anett.pook@liven.ee

Anett has worked at Liven since 2019 and has contributed to the development of almost all of Liven's homes since then.

Anett is Liven's fresh look at the world of architecture. She is currently a 3rd year architecture student at Tallinn University of Technology. Liven is her first professional work experience, which has grown very close to her heart.

If Anett is not at the office, school or at home, she can be found wandering the streets of Tallinn or riding a bicycle and exploring the buildings. She often draws inspiration from nature and the surrounding environment.

As an architect, Anett wants to contribute to the improvement of Estonian homes and provide homeowners good emotions on a daily basis by creating homes with a soul. Anett believes that at home, it must be comfortable to live the way one desires.

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