• Jaanika S.
    Resident of Alasi 5

    You do everything perfectly. Convenience and flexibility in the process:

    I was able to change the interior design and order more products later on, and I received a fantastically beautiful kitchen furniture set and wardrobes from Liven, which I was also able to cover with my mortgage.

  • Evgeny G.
    Resident of Alasi 5

    Everything went smoothly. You have a super team!

  • Heini Roosimägi
    Suur-Patarei 6 resident
    Purchasing a home from Liven was more than positive! The solutions are extremely flexible, the apartments with their logical layouts and simplicity make them extremely convenient. The process of buying a home has been pleasant from start to finish. With regard to the apartments themselves, it is important to note that the interior and exterior designs shown earlier in the pictures became a reality, i.e. no concessions were made in the end result.
  • Olga Medved
    Toom-Kuninga 21 resident
    Buying a new home was a very pleasant experience! From the beginning until moving in. All questions and problems were answered and resolved quickly and with high quality. I really liked that it was possible to order the kitchen furniture, built-in cabinets and curtains during the construction of the building. Upon receiving the keys to the apartment, it was already completely ready to move into. The entire Liven team is helpful and cheerful! I am very happy with my new home and heartily recommend it to everyone!
  • Kristel Raamat
    Toom-Kuninga 21 resident
    We were convinced, when purchasing our home that Liven's motto "We create homes with a soul" is not just an empty slogan, but has real substance. Liven's commitment was felt on every step of the way, and they put great care into creating the home of our dreams. As a result, our home turned out exactly as we had initially imagined (actually even better). Superb team and professionalism.
  • Pille P.
    Resident of Suur-Patarei 6
    "The company's website was explicit and simple to navigate, which made decision making easy. Communicating with the company’s representative was pleasant, straightforward and clear. All the requests were taken into account and accommodated. The designs of the apartments were well thought out and one could see that the company wanted to offer the best solutions and fulfil their promises."
  • Margus Mölder
    Resident of Katla Maja
    "Communication during the sales process was very good and smooth. If something was overlooked, it was quickly corrected. It was very gratifying to be able to combine different units without being charged outrageous prices for the modifications, as is the case with other developers. All in all, the results, communication and collaboration were extremely good! Another very enjoyable aspect about Liven was that the details were well thought out and the interior was bold and distinguishable. Also, no efforts were spared with regard to the exterior of the building. It feels great to come home every day, knowing that only one such house exists in Tallinn and the apartment is also unique. Good job!"  
  • Mart Jürgenson
    Resident of Vääna 11
    "Buying an apartment from Liven was very satisfying. Liven’s staff is pleasantly professional, yet cordial at the same time."
  • Lauri L.
    Resident of the Central Residence
    “I purchased my apartment before the building was completed, even before final confirmation of the design project. The courage to do so came from the fact that Liven’s representative was knowledgeable and honest, and that at the time it was the most affordable offer from among the new developments."
  • Reet R.
    Resident of Katla Maja
    “The entire process leaves an excellent impression of the developers. A great deal of trust has been created by the opportunity to discuss my wishes during the initial stage, with the result being that all of my questions have found a solution. Since there are a large number of apartments in the building, the negotiation process is definitely voluminous and the administration of information requires accuracy. The correct plans have always been displayed on screen, the latest updates and agreements incorporated, proper tools are used – I couldn’t ask for anything more! The sales manager’s thoroughness makes it feel like a home is being created. I'm not buying an apartment, I'm buying a home! “
  • Birgit Kermes
    Party interested in purchasing a home at Katla Maja
    "The marketing and production which you are doing to promote this house and find the right residents is very cool. Truly memorable, very positive, enjoyable, definitely the BEST on the Estonian market. I have never before sensed that art, production and real estate go together – I have always been left with the impression that it is simply concrete that is being sold, not other values. This time everything is completely different."
  • Katrin Mürk
    Resident of Katla Maja
    “Flexibility and room to play are very important to us. We are very satisfied with the expertise and dedication of the people involved in the project."