Alasi 5 Liven

Alasi 5


We ordered everything possible from Liven in advance. Curtains, wardrobes and all other things.

Edi and Rauno

Suur-Patarei 6 residents


When people have visited us, they have always said that our apartment looks exactly like us.

Rauno and Anett

Alasi 5 residents


My favorite place in this apartment is the living room – again those windows, the light, the spaciousness.


Katla Maja resident

A house that fits the neighbourhood

Alasi 5 did not come out of nowhere. Kopli has a very long story and a very specific looks. We wanted the facade of Alasi house to be a new interpretation of this same character. It may not be conventional, but neither is Kopli.

The author of the house is architect Sander Treijar, interior design by Greete Mätas and Alina Kester.

Anyone who has walked in the Kopli in recent years knows that the Kopli, which once prominently figured in crime statistics, no longer exists. Where did it go? Who knows. But it is gone. Where there was an old Kopli, a new Kopli came. It didn’t happen in a couple of months, but it happened anyway. We also boldly took the first steps in making the old Kopli a new one.

it’s not downtown, it’s courtyard culture

there are places to get your fingers dirty

even if you’ve never done it before

there are places to get your knees dirty

even if you are over thirty

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